Exposing Male Violence Against Lesbians

Lesbian Testimonies

95. 01/04/2022
I got a job as a professor at a university, and was new and not yet tenured (...)
86. Anonymous 20/03/2022
A trans identified man hit on me in a private message (...)
63. Anonymous 23/11/2021
About 15 years ago I was running a lesbian owned proud and out business for lesbians (retail) (...)
59. Anonymous 21/11/2021
I have often been accused of being a man hater. A man hating dyke (...)
39. SJ 27/10/2021
This is rather a long list, but I know (sadly) I am not the only woman (or lesbian) to suffer sexual abuse at the hands of males (...)
7. Anonymous – 20/03/2021
I have a few MeToo stories. Some of them happened in college, when I was pretending to be straight, so they don't have anything to do with my homosexuality. Man #1 held me down on a bed and pretended he was going to rape me, then laughed it off (...)
6. Anonymous – 18/03/2021
The first time I was sexually assaulted, I was 14. I didn't know I was a lesbian yet and my friend "set me up" with a boy in our class. We had the same period for Geography and our teacher was notoriously lax about supervision. During the class, the boy came to stand behind me at my desk, and began running his hands over (...)
3. Anonymous – 17/03/2021
I worked at this gym for a total of 3 weeks. While I was there, I had two male coworkers approach me with romantic/sexual interest (...)
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