Exposing Male Violence Against Lesbians

Lesbian Testimonies

87. Anonymous 21/03/2022
After being abused by my brother who’s 5 years older (...)
59. Anonymous 21/11/2021
I have often been accused of being a man hater. A man hating dyke (...)
54. Anonymous 08/11/2021
My sister's husband gave me alcohol and then (...)
35. S 13/07/2021
When I was young I did not fully realise that I'm a lesbian and I identified as bisexual. My family kicked me out of the house for coming out as bisexual and I was homeless for three to four years as a child for that (...)
32. Sabse 07/06/2021
In Bayern hatte mir meine Klasse in einer "Klassengemeinschaftsstunde" mitgeteilt, wie unsympathisch sie mich finden (...)
26. Federica 25/05/2021
When I was in primary school, an older boy stopped me on my way to school and asked (...)
17. Anonymous 28/03/2021
Firstly all girls/women are subjected to sexual violence/harassment ....etc,being controlled. Being put in a box of boundaries and there is a set limit what we are allowed to do because we are girls and patriarchy has made the rules for us (...)
8. Anonymous 20/03/2021
When I was a child I had one friend, a boy. I know now that we were both autistic. At the time none of us was diagnosed yet, but we already knew that we were both awkward and nerdy (...)
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