Exposing Male Violence Against Lesbians

109. Ava 22/08/2022

When I was 17, I joined some dating apps locally because I was out of school and felt I wasn't too young. I started to notice that most of the people who were liking me were TIMs, and although I knew I was only same-sex attracted and when I saw that I would swipe left. One in particular did some very heavy facial editing in his photos, that was unnoticeable to me on the platform, and so I gave him my snapchat so that he could talk to me under the impression he was female. Being young and naive, I continued to talk to him even though I knew it was wrong. I was 17, and he was 23. He would talk about wanting to hug me and kiss me, but when he sent a photo I knew something was off. He was completely different from the photos on the dating profile. He continued to harass me even after I blocked him, and even threatened to find out where I live, and would ask me for lewd photos even though I told him to stop contacting me.