Exposing Male Violence Against Lesbians

18. Anonymous 07/04/2021

I was raped by a trans woman.

I’d thought “she” was my friend and had felt safe around “her”.

He forced himself on me and insisted I must want it because we’re both “lesbians”

He was validating his identity by my rape.

During the rape he repeated “ some girls have dicks, get over it TERF!” While hitting me.

I’d be very pro trans rights before that, he was just using me to fulfil his disgusting fantasy of violence against women.

When I told some friends, I was not believed by some of them because “she’s so nice, she wouldn’t do that”

If I talk about my experience and why I now feel women need sex based women only spaces I am screamed TERF at and told I’m lying.

I’ve stopped talking about it because it’s too painful.

I can no longer go to LGBT events because my abuser is often there along with people who call me a liar because I dared to speak out.

I used to enjoy going to a women only club night, it changed to allow obvious trans women in where it hadn’t always previously.

I’d helped campaign to change this.

 I’d been there with my rapist before the attack.

I can no longer go there.

There are no other female only club nights where I live.

We need to be listened to.

We need to be believed.

We need to be safe.