Exposing Male Violence Against Lesbians

20. M 09/04/2021

I had a lovely first date with a wonderful woman and we were walking through the city to the main train station. At first we were walking just really close to each other and we were catcalled two times. Being catcalled is to be expected so we didn't let it bother us. But later we thought that we were in a rather safe area of the city and began holding hands. 

That's when several groups of men started approaching us, harassing us and two guys grabbed us by the shoulders to pull us apart. They called us homophobic slurs and told us how hot lesbians are. We were lucky that they were comparibly easy scared away by yelling and threatening to call the police but afterwards we noticed them following us. That's when we decided to run until we could reach the nearest police station. The police didn't help, one guy even laughed and said "well, you're two pretty ladies so what do you expect?".

This wasn't the first encounter of that kind and certainly not the last. But it was just so much misogyny and lesbophobia in one day that I still start to cry when I think about it.