Exposing Male Violence Against Lesbians

26. Federica 25/05/2021

When I was in primary school, an older boy stopped me on my way to school and asked me to have sex with him. I did not even know what the word meant. A few months later, a grown male at my godmother's birthday party took me into a darkened room and pushed his tongue into my mouth many times over. The memory only resurfaced years later. The boys at school would beat me up and touch me sexually, harass me verbally for being a girl, and touch me inappropriately. When I was 11 years old, an old disfigured man on the train cornered me in a very small space, gave me kisses, and refused to let me go until I kissed him on the mouth. Throughout my life, many men tried to corner me, even in public spaces. Two older men that I thought viewed me as a friend, a human being, ultimately ended up stalking me and requesting to be in a sexual relationship with me, even though I was a teenager at the time. Every time I tried to initiate a friendship with a man, he would demand sex. My own brothers sexually molested me as boys. A man I shared a hobby with waited until the other members of the group were out of sight before he groped my arse and asked me to go on a date with him. He had a girlfriend. I knew her well.

Though I am now past my mid-twenties and much more confident, men still try to talk me, a visibly butch woman, into dating them or giving them my number. Many of those instances occur in public with men I've never even seen before. It gets tiring. Online, there is a neverending stream of men, whether they're under the trans umbrella or not, who send rape threats and sexually explicit messages. "Choke on my cock, cunt", "you just want my dick", "admit that you just want to fuck me", "I would rape the dyke out of you", "your mouth is only good for blowjob", "suck my girlclitty", "you're just a hole", "your only purpose is to serve penis" - those are the comments I and many other homosexual females are constantly bombarded with. Trans"women" are among the most violent of these online offenders. A trans"woman" I knew offline once vowed to change my sexuality with his dick. Completely male-looking individuals who don't even identify as trans now join happily into this global mission of lesbian re-education, insisting i's transphobic to deny any male access to our bodies, because we can't tell anyone's gender at first glance. I am no longer a scared little girl. I will no longer shut up. My body is mine. My integrity, my sexuality, my honour belong to me alone. Males get more sexually entitled towards all women, and especially lesbians, by the day. I'm so fucking fed up and if I ever see one of those monsters lay a hand on any of my sisters, I'll show them what decades of sexual harassment have taught me in terms of fighting back.