Exposing Male Violence Against Lesbians

29. Anonymous 07/05/2021

DISCLAIMER: the perpetrator in this testimony definitely is a heterosexual male even though the victim refers to him as "she" or "lesbian". We chose to keep her testimony intact both to respect the victim's words and to highlight the huge confusion brought by queer ideology to victims of male sexual violence.

I am a lesbian previously a non-binary identified person. I identified as non-binary after a rape I faced from a female partner who is also a gender critical lesbian.
She used to (before she became gender critical) watch lesbian porn and she would insert sex toys inside my vagina because she would get sexual gratification from it.
Even though she is a lesbian woman, she used to act like AGP fetishists men and I doubt that she has a paraphilia similar to AGP.
She would hit me hard and I had my tooth fall off.
I doubted at one point if she was a TIM as women don't abuse other women. But, it turns out she is a intersex male ([removed for legal reason]). I use "she" as she does have a vagina and she has already undergone vaginoplasty.
I was then fed up with the non-binary label and I peak transed as my rad fem sisters.

She is still [...] in the GC community and @[name removed for legal reasons] in twitter.