Exposing Male Violence Against Lesbians

35. S 13/07/2021

When I was young I did not fully realise that I'm a lesbian and I identified as bisexual. My family kicked me out of the house for coming out as bisexual and I was homeless for three to four years as a child for that. My parents occasionally stalked me on the streets and at 18 years old they put me into a forced marriage and placed him and I into a small spare home on a vast property in a rural area that my grandmother's wealthy boyfriend owns. At this point I came out to myself. He raped me into having one baby after the next, beat me regularly and restricted my contact with the outside world with the exception of my parents. The fact that my abuse was unhideable meant that the children would grow up seeing conflict and according to my parents that made me a bad mother. My parents were at my house constantly to barrage me about being a bad mother and wife. He was also abusive to the infants. Whenever I had any opportunity I would call the police who would give me a speech about how I'm inconveniencing them, they all beat their wives, if I didn't like this guy I shouldn't have married him, they wouldn't allow me to press charges and they wouldn't help me. When neighbors called the police they would at least file a report. I was starved regularly and not allowed medical care during pregnancy. By my third child he didn't want to allow me to go to the hospital to deliver but this would make the child stateless so I argued relentlessly through the beatings while in labor until he took me to the hospital. The free hospital which is next to a prison and mostly serves prisoners threatened to take my baby after seeing me covered in bruises but I turned around and begged them to take my baby out of the hell we were living in. Then they suddenly released the baby and me into the perpetrators custody, their actions seemed to be motivated out of hostility towards domestic violence victims and not to abusers. Now that I had more babies than I had arms I forced my parents to witness one one the beatings they were helping this guy do to me and my parents took the children with me to live with them. My father was abusive to my children. My parents charged me to live with them and refused to help me with childcare, the charges changed every time to always be just more than I had to give no matter how much I was able to offer. I was forced into asking for government aid food, medical insurance, and money as well as "gold digging" in order to provide for the children. I was honest with the men I got with about the arrangements, never kept a particular male longer than a year and got with women for two weeks between men in order to not be suicidal. The women I got with were the same women I knew as a child on the street. These women were often in similar situations to what I had gone through only usually with one child rather than three, asking me through emails to save them which I would. Sometimes they had been taken to other states. I was out as a lesbian to some but publicly identified as bisexual so as not to have to fully explain why I got with men every time I became aquatinted with someone new. After ten years of that I came out completely never to suck a dick again if it kills me or even if it were to kill my kids. Raping women into having children against their will is a tactic which uses the restrictions of motherhood to force women into a heterosexual lifestyle, that's the anti-lesbian's logic behind the term "corrective rape". A mother's ability to protect her children, her reproduction and therefore herself is undermined with the concept of fatherhood. Males cannot parent as mothers do because they do not get pregnant. We cannot separate children from mothers on a class scale because women are physically connected to their children though pregnancy and therefore the closest humanity can get to bodily equality is to give mothers the rights of their parenthood to go with the innate responsibility of motherhood and to eliminate the unnatural male re-appropriation of motherhood that is fatherhood. Mothers need to stand with women and girls against fathers and humanitarians need to stand with mothers, women and girls against fatherhood, lesbophobia and forced pregnancy/corrective rape.