Exposing Male Violence Against Lesbians

4. Dyke Blackbelt – 17/03/2021

Night of my Black Belt Test:

This was in the early 1980s and had a profound effect on me.

We had  tested for our ranks that day, so that evening we had a party in a fairly liberal town.

Even though my Karate instructor was gay, he was deeply in the closet except to the gay students.

On campus I was fairly out, but only thus far for a year or so. There were  frat boys in my class and hetro women. Mostly college students since it was a college club. I knew some of the other gay students but no other  out or recognizable Lesbians in my class.

This was a usual college party with mostly drinking. Since I preferred weed I was looking for some. It was a house full of martial artists, so you'd think we'd all feel safe.

I found a roommate of one of the guys in class and we went to his bedroom to smoke some weed. I had never met him before.

I had drank a couple drinks so had a bit of a buzz on booze. We got to talking and he admitted he was bisexual. I told him I was Lesbian.

He told me he had never really heard of women who REALLY preferred women to men,  or REALLY were exclusively Lesbian.

I told him, " Well I am." Then shortly after without any warning he stuck his hand in my pants. Just like that, out of the blue. I had no interest in him whatsoever nor was I giving off any vibe showing him any interest.

There was part of me that was scared, and saw two outcomes. Him overpowering me, or me fighting back. It was a psychic thing I did. My mind meeting his mind. Then  I told him in no certain terms " GET YOUR HAND OUT OF MY PANTS RIGHT NOW!!!" He did, then laughed it off. I pushed the pain of the moment away. I walked out of the bedroom and rejoined the party.

I found one of the Black belt women I knew in class. She was a police dispatcher. I told her what happened, but not the part about the weed. She said "Well what did you expect going into a man's bedroom?"

That's a very conventional hetro way of thinking,  cuz there's plenty of times I've partied with dudes gay and straight in dorms and their homes, usually a group of us, but not always; and this never happened. They respected me.  

Nor did I feel comfortable telling her I was Lesbian. So I couldn't count on her support!!

Then I went home and went to bed. In the middle of the night I woke up stone cold sober with a rage so deep that I vowed to kill this dude if I EVER saw him again.

Part of me considered it the Test within the test.

Fortunately for both our sakes I never saw him again!!