Exposing Male Violence Against Lesbians

65. Nia M.10/11/2021

It happened about 25 years ago. I was in a bar called Buddies in Chicago. Buddies was a male gay bar but they also had a good sized lesbian clientele. I was there getting my drink on with friends when a drag queen joined in the conversation. He liked my style. In those days I considered myself a high femme and I dressed the part. After a while the conversation got weird and he started making remarks. The remarks were along the lines of how he made a better woman then me. Even though I was/am a femme I am also a lesbian separatist. I was also kinda drunk. I don't remember everything but I started openly ridiculing him. I was also angry because of what was going on at my favorite music festival in Michigan where trans were demanding to be let onto the land, a place that was exclusively for biological women and our small children. Anyhoo... the argument got heated and before I knew it he jumped me. I am a small woman. The bartender literally jumped over the bar and separated us because he knew I carried. He and the other bartender (I believe his name was DJ)threw him out and made sure I was ok. I just remember how enraged he was and I can kinda see how, not that I am excusing him, but I have a viscous mouth and a mean girl laugh. The breaks were off my mouth and he got it full barreled. I didn't expect him to jump me though! I never saw him again because I sent word I better never see him again. Buddies was my Sunday afternoon spot for years and I continued to go. Well that is my story. My name is Nia M: and this occurred in Chicago about 1997. Thanks Nia